Brazilian Jiujitsu

One of the most intricate of modern combat sports Brazilian Jiujitsu. A derivative of Japanese jiujistu & judo. This art is focused solely on grappling and disabling your opponent without the use of punches, kicks or any other strikes. Instead body movement, leverage, joint locks & choke holds are used to restrain & subdue your opponent. This art is literally ever evolving with new submissions, counters, sweeps, etc. constantly being developed. Brazilian Jiujitsu is considered by most as the most effective martial art with over 80% of all fights going to the ground. This was also proven in the early days of the UFC. Often referred to as human chess. Today BJJ has evolved into a massive sport of its own rewarding not just submissions but other intricate parts such as sweeps, take downs, guard passes & restraining opponents in dominate positions. Encouraging the spirit of competition, the sense of trust to your partner & opponents to relinquish holds the moment you “tap out”. This trust creates a bond in the community which helps the sport develop & grow further.